Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Damned Old Hippy Throwback Kitty

Eclair and I were at Whole Foods over the weekend and she bought me a beautifully healthy little potted patchouli plant. They are hard to find and this one was especially fragrant and perky, and since she got it for me, it made it even more special.
Tonight we went to World Market and I found a perfect pot for it, a terra cotta number shaped sort of like a conga drum and glazed with a thick layer of shiny, slate blue.
When I got home, I rushed to place the plant into the pot to see how it would look once I potted it.
Seems my elder cat Bart took a shine to the delicate patchouli scent and decided to eat or otherwise destroy most of the leaves. Basically, the plant looks like it got a haircut done with a semi-sharp rock.
Bart is 14-years-old. I thought we had reached a sort of detente by now.
He knows my hard rules and I know and accept his shortcomings, so discipline is no longer much of an issue, unlike with his spoiled brat baby brother, James.
Bart acting out like a hoodlum stray and destroying my precious new plant has me stymied.
He's too old to beat, and for all I know, patchouli leaves may be toxic and he could be dead by morning, causing me a lifetime of guilt for leaving the plant alone on my coffee table while I was out cavorting with Eclair.
It could be worse, I suppose.
It could have been a bag of primo weed he ate and scattered on the rug below instead of a bunch of patchouli leaves. Not that I smoke weed... I'm just sayin.'
So, I have decided to pot the raggedy ass plant in the beautiful glazed container I purchased for it and try to nurse the four remaining leaves and its bent, bruised stems back to health.
I'll have to put it outside now that Bart has displayed such a freakish taste for it.
Maybe old dogs can't learn new tricks, but kitties apparently can. I just wish Bart's new trick wasn't destroying plants with such sentimental meaning to them.
He can forget his weekly dose of catnip for now, the little criminal. He's on restriction from getting high until my plant starts to bounce back.

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