Monday, May 10, 2004

Meet The Press

Did anyone see the most recent MTP with guests from the Senate and Congress discussing the Iraqi detainee torture, and a he said/she said debate with James Carville and his wife?
The Carvilles have to be the most unattractive couple in political history, but that's beside the point. I am afraid to look for pictures of their kids.
While Barcodie insists we Democrats/liberals are living in a warped, parallel universe, seems to me after watching MTP, politicos from both sides of the aisle are enraged with this Rumsfeld bullshit.

When asked who was the responsible chain of command for the sadistic GI grunts who tortured, raped and murdered detainees, and I mean who gave the orders, Sen. John Warner (the leader of the hearings pack) said that was a question that has yet to be answered.

If Rumsfeld couldn't answer that much, why the hell is he still employed?

When regular people who work for a living have to worry about tardiness as a reason to get fired, how is it this incompetent liar and sidestepper is still employed?
I said some time ago, when former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil wrote the tell-all book about this ridiculous administration and their lies, the fuse was lit.
Looks like I was right.
The wheels are coming off, right before our eyes.
A long time ago, I bet Barcodie that Bush would be defeated. He jumped on the bet, with the loser having to post a photo of him or herself wearing a T-shirt with a Kerry or Bush logo on it.
I know Bush will be defeated, but I won't enforce the bet.
What I will do as a victory celebration is compare statements I made with statements he made on our respective Blogs.
Then we'll see who's been wearing the aluminum hat on his stupid-ass head all this time.

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