Thursday, May 13, 2004

Random Snipes, Gloves Off

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has to be the biggest douche bag in Washington. At least former Bush flak Ari Fleischer deferred answering questions that would require he tell a big, fat lie. Mc Clellan must leave a slime trail in his wake. I wonder if he kisses his mother with that lying mouth?

I wrote a letter to Oklahoma Senator Inhole to complain about the stupid comments he made during the detainee abuse senate hearings. I'm usually pretty formal and polite when I write to legislators, but this asswipe didn't deserve it. I'll spare you the details, but here's the ending:
"You are a disgrace to the American people and an embarrassment to the Senate.
Pull your head out of your ass, "Senator," and if you can't say anything intelligent, keep your stupid mouth shut."

Gasoline is predicted to soon rise to $3 a gallon. If I hear one more right-wingnut say, "It's not that bad when it's adjusted to inflation," I am going to stick an air hose in them and adjust them to inflation.
I don't give a damn what it used to be, 3 bucks a gallon is outrageous and it's Dubya and Aunt Jemima Condi Rice's fault for being such miserable pimps for the petroleum industry.

Donald Rumsfeld gave a rousing speech to the troops in Iraq during his spur of the moment spin doctoring trip there today. Too little, too late, Rummy. I wonder how much his little esprit de tour cost the taxpayers?
Look to the Bush tribe to play and replay snippets of the troops applauding his speech.
What else could they do, boo him and end up with hoods over their heads and electrodes wired to their naughty bits? That guy is scary. I'd applaud too, just to make sure his goon squad didn't carry me off to a torture room.

In 48 days, Bush is supposed to turn over sovereignty of Iraq to Iraqis. He still doesn't know which Iraqis or when he will know which Iraqis, but Bush is continuing to talk with his traditional certainty over a matter of total uncertainty.
Are you getting tired of him blowing smoke out his ass? I mean, come on, does anyone believe Iraq will get its country back on June 30? Why keep bullshitting us?

Why don't they move Colin Powell over to Secretary of Defense? He's as good a scapegoat as any Bush pimp, and he and Rummy hate each other's guts, so it'd be a good poke in Rummy's eye.

Venerated journalist Helen Thomas, who has been the traditional first journalist called on to ask questions of presidents from JFK to Clinton, is no longer called on during Dubya's rare press conferences (only three so far in his entire term).
The 84-year-old got into trouble and was muzzled last April when she sassed Bush apologist Scott Douchebag Mc Clellan, who was explaining why some of the Iraqis in the towns under siege seem reluctant to accept "our gift of democracy."
MCCLELLAN: Now there are some thugs and terrorists that continue to exist ...
THOMAS: Maybe they're just Iraqis.
McCLELLAN: Helen, all you have to have to do is look at the types of attacks that they carried out on innocent Americans recently to know that these are thugs and terrorists. They have no regard for human life.
THOMAS: Maybe they’re defending their own country against an occupation?

Helen Thomas said last week, "The United States is now at a fork in the road in its Iraq policy. The deplorable prison abuse and the mounting casualty toll may wake up Americans to ask a question about Iraq, a question Bush and his administration have never clearly answered: Why are we there?"

It's pretty goddam pathetic when an 84-year old woman shows more balls than anyone in the White House Press Corps.
Seems the women in the media like Thomas, Molly Ivins and Arianna Huffington all have more guts than those parakeet-balled men in the media. Fucking cowards.

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