Monday, May 10, 2004

Give Rupert the Money

The producers of Survivor have decided to award a second million dollar prize to the player the public thinks most deserves it.
Go to CBS and vote as often as you like.
Though I think Rupert will probably win the money (to be awarded on a special edition of Survivor next Thursday night) it won't hurt to drum up some Bloggy support for him.
And how about CBS? Let's give them a hand.
First they leaked the photos of Iraqi detainee abuse in prison on, "60 Minutes II," then Survivor Host Jeff Probst told the American public that Richard Hatch has a new Argentinean boyfriend.
I imagine CBS got into so much heat from airing the prison photos, the Bush administration will start to revoke their FCC license before long, so they figured what the hell.
Way to go CBS. Fuck the Bush administration, they're on their way out, anyway.

Anyway, go vote for Rupert and give the poor schmuck a chance to finance a nice future for his wife and kid. It's great to see a man love his family that much, plus he needs some new threads. That tie dye undershirt is played out.

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