Friday, May 07, 2004

Occupation Watch

The group CODEPINK that protested for the ousting of Donald Rumsfeld at the beginning of the Capitol Hill hearing isn't just a bunch of feminists who decided to form a little group to jam up the hearings.
Their leaders have visited Iraq and seen for themselves atrocities perpetrated by American and British military personnel that go well beyond the walls of Abu Gharaib prison.
Not all coalition military troops are sadistic, human rights violators, in fact, most are not.
Take a look at their website and read some firsthand accounts of what's being done in Iraq.
You may not like what you read, but you still may want to know. Occupation Watch
In these troubling times, America should stop military occupation in Iraq, bring our troops home and start funding peacekeeping missions, where people from other countries can go in and help the Iraqi people start whatever new government they want.
We invaded them over a trumped up reason.
They don't want us there; we aren't welcome.
It's too dangerous to continue risking the lives of our military in an unwinnable war.
We need to have the dignity as a nation to atone for the abuse of detainees and innocent civilians, apologize, donate a few billion bucks, then get the hell out of their country.

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