Monday, May 10, 2004

To Kelly, Winner of the Survivor Final Two Contest

Kelly at Welcome to my life won the Pulp Friction prize for guessing Amber and Rob as the final two winners of Survivor All Stars.
She's opted for the haiku prize. So here it is.

Kelly loves to read
She reviews whatever she reads
So we will read, too

Kell was in college
When she first started Blogging
Now she's got a job

Kell was adopted
She met her birth Mom last year
Chip off the old block

Kell's a lesbian
But she's too sweet to be a
Radical lesbo

Don't send her movies
I sent her 'The Ruling Class'
She's refused to watch

Kelly's an Aries
Bold, adventurous, stubborn
Don't send her movies

Kelly's face was on
front page of the Advocate
baby dyke issue

If you're a lesbo
Looking for someone to date
Kelly is single

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