Monday, May 03, 2004

On the Launchpad

Finally, I have upgraded to Mac OSX and AOL 9.0.
Now I can actually post my own Blogs, use my browser like all the regular folks online. Thanks to Grey Bird and Melly for helping me for so long.
I can now see the ad banners on the top of my Blog. Ehh.
I just found out e-mail can contain different fonts and colors.
Now that I have this new stuff, I'll have to learn all the new glitches.
But it'll take a while, because Tuesday I am in charge of entertaining my elderly mother from morning till evening.
I can't help but think all this new stuff will help me stick it to Bush even more.
Oh, and speaking of Bush, one year ago he told us we had prevailed in Iraq. Mission accomplished.
Let's all celebrate with a magnum of Condoleezza's finest premium unleaded.
We can all spare the twenty bucks, can't we?

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