Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Whew, That's a Relief!

That George W. Bush thinks of everything.
Now with a random terrorist threat of epic proportions threatening to hit "somewhere" in America this summer, we have an excuse not to get in our cars and have to waste $3 a gallon gasoline traveling.
Let's see, where would terrorists get the most bang for their buck?
Theme parks are always full in the summer, plus in Florida they could get Jeb Bush in the process.
Washington DC has all those historical sites, that too would be a nice spot to hit.
With Bush's keen new Department of Homeland Security, we've learned that all sorts of extra money has been allotted to cities all over America to help us boost our security.
Instead of distributing it to those cities most in need of beefed up security, the GOP-heavy Congress has turned it into a pork barrel extravaganza.
Instead of determining fund distribution based on a city's need, NYC is getting about $5 per capita, as opposed to that terrorist hot zone Wyoming, which is getting about $75 a head. And let's not forget Guam, which is getting about $115 per capita.
If the terrorists do strike (or shall I say when they strike) there's really only one area that would make sense, but it's not a summer event.
The Republican National Convention will meet in New York City come early autumn.
Perhaps NYC can use their Homeland Security money to paint a big red bullseye on the roof of the convention site.
At least that way, women, children, minorities and gays will be spared.

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