Monday, May 24, 2004

Pick a Problem

Ahhh, just as I predicted.
Bush has become the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike.
His gross negligence, pandering to the rich, arrogance toward the rest of the world and general lack of intellect has resulted in problems the likes of which this nation has never encountered.
For once, I am overwhelmed by an abundance of anti Bush Blog topics from which to choose.
Some possibilities:
1. Bush deficit worse than claimed
2. Prison torture worse than initially revealed
3. Rumsfeld and other neocon hawks
4. Electronic voting may allow GOP to steal another election
5. Bush staff leaks CIA operative's name in revenge scheme
6. Gasoline prices reeling out of control
7. Bush's sneaky attempts to ban abortion
8. Halliburton's sweetheart contracts in Iraq
9. The crucification of Colin Powell
10. GOP's start to turn against each other
11. Bush clan turns on Chalabi
12. "Full sovereignty" on June 30
13. Michael Moore's film on Bush
14. Using gay marriage as a campaign distraction
15. The environment

Those are just a few. Which would y'all like me to write about next?

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