Wednesday, May 19, 2004

My Pen Pal

My political nemesis and fellow Blogger Barcodie and I have been corresponding.
I send him links to newspaper and magazine articles, he sends me links to Bloggers who think like he does.
He casts aspersions on the mainstream media, so he reads Blogs to get his news. I tell him Blogs aren't reliable news sources.
We are like Fred and Ethel Mertz, except I am the only witty one.
He was all atwitter on Monday when they located that artillery shell in Iraq. He considered that discovery a weapon of mass destruction. I considered it a weapon of minor distraction.
He was sure the discovery would exonerate Bush from telling us that big, fat lie that dragged us into this $5 billion a month war. I am sure it will do no such thing.
I told him the story wouldn't stay in the news past a few days.
As usual, I was right.
Barcodie blames the liberal media for killing the story. I blame the fact that finding an unmarked shell of dubious freshness is not that interesting.

Barcodie says things to me like, "Well, you being a "professional journalist" and all."
He puts quotes around "professional journalist."
It must just kill him that I am a professional journalist and I know more about the media than he does.
Sheesh. It's not like I call him a "professional postal worker" and try to tell him how the mail gets delivered.

He refuses to allow for comments on his Blog.
So, I'll ask him some questions here, so he can see how fair and balanced it is to allow others to express themselves on someone else's Blog.

1. Where is Bin Laden?
2. Why aren't the Iraqis welcoming our troops with flowers and sweets like Bush said they'd be, and why isn't Iraqi oil paying for Iraq's bills like Bush said it would?
3. Where are the WMD's?
4. Why is gasoline costing us so much money and still rising in cost?
5. Why is Rumsfeld still employed?
6. Why did Dick Cheney's Halliburton get away with more than $10 billion in no-bid, secret contracts in Iraq, when they've already been fined millions by the government for price gouging?
7. Why is it okay to isolate gays for constitutional discrimination?
8. Why does Bush claim credit for helping school children with an underfunded program?
9. If we can spend $5 billion a month in Iraq, why did Bush say we couldn't afford to spend the $10 billion it would have cost to equip domestic airports with state of the art security systems?
10. Why is it okay for Bush to have spent the budget surplus giving tax cuts to the wealthy?
11. Why is it okay for Bush to have run us into the highest budget deficit in history?
12. Why was it okay for Bush to lower standards on environmental regulations for companies that pollute our air and water?
13. Why is giving tax breaks to companies who outsource American jobs to foreign countries good for the American public?
14. Why is it okay to call burger flipping jobs "manufacturing jobs" to inflate employment statistics?
15. What is the difference between a radical fundamentalist Christian warmonger and a radical fundamentalist Islamic warmonger?
16. What exactly has Bush done for America?

If anyone else has a question for my pal Barcodie, feel free to chime in.

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