Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Monday Night's Speech

I know many of you didn't bother to listen to Bush last night, giving the first of a series of six speeches designed to try to convince anyone who'll listen he knows what he's doing in Iraq.
Hell, I didn't listen to it either after CNN gave a list of the major points he would try to make.
According to news recaps, it was nothing new.
He still didn't answer how we were going to pay for it, or how he figured a new, trillion dollar tax cut would be possible, much less feasible, during this war he started.
He did offer our services in tearing down, then reconstructing a new prison to replace Aboo, uhh Aboog, uhh Abu Grabub. Right. Let's not leave a reminder, eh Dubya? Let's tear it down so people forget that soldiers under your command showed sadistic torture and/or depraved indifference toward other human beings.
The networks declined to cover the speech, knowing it was nothing more than Bush rehashing the same old bullshit he expects us to believe.
The cable news networks covered it so they'd have something to talk about.

With only about 40 percent of Americans still saying they believe Bush knows his ass from a hole in his head regarding Iraq, why does he bother?
Maybe if he read a newspaper from time to time he'd know his one term is about finished, and it'd be better for the country for him to slink back to Crawford, get back on his bike and practice staying on.

The guy's a loser who has dragged the whole country down with him.
It'll take decades to repair the messes he and his crooked cabinet have made.
Fuck him and fuck his weak speeches.
We've heard enough.

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