Thursday, May 06, 2004

Friends & Enemies

Friends: I didn't watch the last episode.
As it turns out, I don't care how it ends. Once Joey started shtupping Rachel, the show
jumped the shark.
Besides, where were all the black folks on that honky show?
Hell, I live in Texas and have more black friends than those New Yorkers.
It's just not right.

Here are a few haikus for George W. Bush to try to read.

Fire Don Rumsfeld
Fire Condoleezza Rice
Then fire Karl Rove

Bush, you are too weak
You are arrogant and smug
Not to mention dumb

Bush says he's sorry
to the King of Jordan...huh?
like it's his bidness

Bush apologized
to Jordan, because to Bush-
Arabs: whatever

This prison torture
Bush blames on gay marriages
His fans don't ask why

Bush fans don't ask much
but then they don't really know
shit from Shinola

Bush and his brothers
Not much difference 'tween them,
Uday and Qusay

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