Thursday, May 20, 2004

GOP Catfight!

Seems some Republican Senators are fighting with Republican Congress Representatives and Dubya has had to go to Capitol Hill to try and mend fences.
The dissenting GOP Senators want what's best for the country, like a balanced budget, while the Congress Reps want them to toe the party line.
Dubya's going give them his old, "stay the course" speech.
I wonder if staying the course means kissing and making up with his and Dick Cheney's old buddy Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi criminal who sold Bush and clan the bullshit about all those WMD's Saddam had?
Chalabi led the "Iraqi National Congress," which until recently was getting $335,000 a month from Bush and Cheney to tell them what they wanted to hear.
Remember that, "Iraqis will greet Americans as liberators" line? That would be Chalabi's.

Or does Bush mean staying the course by continuing to allow Donald Rumsfeld to condone detainee torture via his secret network of MI goons?

"Staying the course" is a phrase Bush should rethink.
If we stay his course, it'll be a race between bankruptcy and total obliteration by terrorist attacks.

I predicted an eventual rift in the GOP and now it is beginning.
That sound you hear is another wheel coming off the Bush bus as it careens nearer to the cliff.

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