Saturday, May 01, 2004

Oh, God.

Between people blasting Ted Koppel and ABC's "Nightline" for honoring the memories of our military who lost their lives in Iraq by announcing their names, and the scenes of Iraqi prisoners being tortured by our forces in sadomasochistic, sexually humiliating ways, I am thoroughly disgusted.
Bush has created a nightmare with increasingly far-reaching consequences.
More Middle Easterners than ever hate our guts because they think we Americans support this madman.
Bush hides behind the fake cloak of his Christianity while he perpetrates horrible acts, yet he condemns Islamic fundamentalists as being extremists and lunatics.
He's an extremist lunatic whose actions look far more satanic than they do Christian.
While we still have a first amendment that guarantees us freedom of speech, we all need to get vocal, get involved and get rid of this malignant cancer growing out of the White House.
Four more years of this insanity will destroy our nation.
How to get started in STOPPING BUSH!
Please hit this link and find something--anything--you can do to help.
Then, please, tell us the ways you discovered you can help.

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