Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Daily Reads!

Finally, my new browser allowed me to update and clean up my list of daily reads.
If I know you and haven't linked you yet, it's because I still have some linking to do.
If you are wKen or similarly idle Blog-wise, I know you'll forgive my deleting you until you come up for air and let me know your Bloglights are back on.
I try to keep my list reasonably short so others are more likely to sample the Blogs I like.
Recently I have added Blogs that reflect my political views and I highly recommend you try them:
One is AmericaBlog written by John Aravosis, the superbly effective gay activist who made his bones with his first major website, Stop Dr.Laura.com.
Another is AriannaHuffington who started as a Repugnican pundit, then had the wisdom to cross over to the liberal side, where she suddenly morphed into someone very witty and bright. She is also a brilliant author and TV commentator.
I especially like that AmericaBlog and Arianna are situated squarely on top of my political nemesis Barcodie. Deal with it, Commissar.

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