Thursday, May 06, 2004

Survivor Tonight!

We are quickly closing in on the end, and after tonight's show, we'll see who wins the million on Sunday at 7 p.m. central.
Sunday will be the perfect TV day- first, the Spurs will humiliate the Lakers in their own crib, then the two hour Survivor finale, followed by a one-hour Survivor reunion show.

It may be unfathomable, but the tribe members failed to seize the chance to oust Boston Rob and Amber and now they are down to Amber, Big Tom, Rob, Rupert and Jenna.
As everyone assumed, Shii Ann got the boot last week.
She tried let everyone know that Amber was The Chosen One by casting her vote her way, but I doubt any of the remaining knuckleheads got the hint. Au revoir to the show's most tedious eye roller.

Most of us have said Rob is the horse to beat, but let's face it, Amber has played him like a $2 fiddle. I mean, come on.
Assuming she'll be the number two Survivor next to Rob, to whom do you think the jury would prefer to hand a million dollars, her or that sniveling, double crossing rat Rob?
Amber has used Rob to do her dirty work. She controls him with that joystick big dumb guys like him take such pride in. Atta girl, sistah!
In order of likelihood to be booted tonight, it's gotta be Tom, then Jenna, then Rupert.
Amber and Rob rode the waves like pros, and they are heading for the final two.
Why Tom? Because he's got no alliances. Plus, he's a dumb ass redneck. He once had Rupert but Rupe left him in the dust long ago, as evidenced by Tom getting the second to the last crappiest meal from the restaurant when Rupert was the host.
Yep, Rupert's been kissing Rob's ass for a while now, the sucker.
The All Stars show has been great because we got to see who learned from past mistakes and who didn't. We also got to see who came to play around and who came to win.
The final two? Rob and Amber.
The winner? Amber, who's reportedly already knocked up with Rob's baby.
Looks like she'll hold the final purse strings, but Rob'll hold the trump card: baby Rombah.
I think they played well and deserve to win, but I am glad it'll be likely Amber with the big money instead of Rob. It'll keep him humble, and the boy needs a big shitload of that.
Your take?

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