Thursday, May 13, 2004

Survivor: Second Million Dollar Booty

My online pal and winner of Survivor Panama, Sandra Diaz-Twine, replied to my note yesterday.
I asked her who she thought would win the viewer's vote for most deserving of the second million dollar prize the producers are offering for the All Star Survivor series.
She said, "Rupert, all the way."
She and Rupert were especially close during Survivor Panama, so I hope gets to see her pal join her as a millionaire.
Okay, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who most people rooted for this time around, and we can all sort of assume Rupert will get the money tonight at 7 central on CBS.
Though the outcome is very predictable, I'm planning to watch because it'll be one of those rare times in life when a deserving, average shlub like ourselves is rewarded for being a decent, honest, hard working person.
Besides all that, Rupert represents something rather refreshing to those of us who are sick of the cookie cutter Alpha male representing the American Ideal.
He's kind of fat, he's sloppy, he needs a haircut and a beard trim. He bellows like a bear.
He wore a floral skirt he made himself in Panama and didn't give a shit what all the hunky jocks said about it.
He adores his wife and kid, and isn't the least bit ashamed to show the rawest of tender emotions in front of cameras and millions of viewers.
So I'll jump the gun and say congratulations, Rupe.
Thanks for pulling us away from the nightmare we've been living day in and day out with this government we're stuck with. I hope you'll send some of that million to Kerry-after all, I suspect you are NOT a Bush man.

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