Wednesday, October 05, 2005

1990: Where in the World is Carmen Santiago?
1995: Where's Waldo?
2005: Where's Karl Rove?

I'd hate for him to be late for his own indictment, but he's been conspicuously absent lately from photo ops and Bushy things he usually attends.

Time to perp walk that fat fuck across the White House lawn?
I think so. Rumors certainly indicate the time is nigh.
But the burning question is- can we send him to Abu Ghraib prison?


dusty said...

I watched the lovely Rose Garden press conference and his answer when asked about the Rove debacle..Bushie can side step an issue with the best of them.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Like hell he can!
The entire world is fed up with the blithering idiot and his dimwitted 'heh heh heh's' when he's thought he's made a point.

I can't watch his speeches anymore, unless Jon Stewart is showing snippets on his show and commenting on them.

Bush's empire is crumbling all around him. There's absolutely nothing he hasn't fucked up.

The only thing he can "do with the best of 'em' is fuck up. He's the DaVinci of fuck-ups.

JimBob said...

fuck fuck fuck. goddam, karen, you cuss like a sailor. yer makin' ME blush! LOL.

I'd love to see that guy get the perp walk. I'd take a screen cap, blow it up to poster size and hang it in my living room.

With flowers.

And an alter.

And happy music playing in the background.

Kate said...

Lol, me too, jimbob, me too. He could replace Buddha anytime.

Actually, I would hardly notice the difference.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hell I'd paint a mural of it on my office wall. said...

I'm thinking of Andy DuFrame's first day in prison on Shawshank Redemption...from the Perp walk through the gates to the first night...

dusty said...

great visual dog! lol

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yeah except Andy was set up.