Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can Bird Brain Save Us From the Avian Virus Epidemic?

More and more I'm hearing startling reports on what might happen when (not if) the Bird Flu virus hits America.
Last month, ABC reported the avian flu virus could kill a billion people worldwide, make ghost towns out of parts of major cities, and there is not enough medicine to fight it.
The U.S. government agreed to stockpile $100 million worth of a still-experimental vaccine, while at the United Nations Summit in New York, both the head of the U.N. World Health Organization and Bush warned of the virus' deadly potential.

Let's see...
Bush can't handle a war that he lied to get us into and can't get us out of
Bush can't handle a staff full of liars, crooks and spies
Bush can't control rampaging gas and energy prices
Bush can't find Saudi Arabian terrorist Osama Bin Laden
Bush can't recruit enough military to fight in his unwinnable war
Bush can't handle severe weather catastrophes
Bush can't hire qualified people
Bush can't grasp the concept of Global Warming
Bush can't grasp the basics of stem cell research
Bush cuts vital spending on American necessities to help Iraq become a democracy
Bush has borrowed billions of dollars from Communist China to fund his war
Bush can't keep even slightly reasonable budget deficits- his are record-breaking
Bush can't handle a woman's right to choose
Bush can't handle allowing gays and lesbians equal rights as equal taxpayers
Bush can't string two sentences together without goofing up...

Yet we are supposed to believe he can manage a deathly flu epidemic?
Who would he appoint to lead the effort, a golfing buddy of his who once shot a birdie on the 7th hole?

Count me out.
No more chicken for me, not with Bush handling the oncoming epidemic.

Are you worried? I am.
Talk to me.

9 comments: said...

btw...this from yesterday's news...congress is giving a lot of thought to cutting farm and ag subsidies, plus cutting money to food aid programs. the cuts are pretty deep, but a lot easier to take than what Chimp was proposing in cuts.

Got no food? Got no money? Need food stamps? Tough shit, mom. Tell your kids you won't be eating this month. said...

here's a link to that...

CLD said...

Goodness forbid we revoke the tax cuts for The Rich...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Maybe Bush will initiate a program of giving the hungry discarded, flu ridden chickens.

Mileah said...

a chicken in every pot.

they McCain repubs are staging a little revolt in Congress with that torture amendment.

I'm starting to enjoy watching them begin to turn on themselves.

JimBob said...

Dog eat dog.

Or scumbag eat scumbag, if you will.

Karen Zipdrive said...

A diseased chicken in every pot, unless the poor don't even have a pot to piss in, then it'll be a diseased chicken wrapped in aluminum foil.

Anyone who signed against the no more torture bill (ahem, John Cornyn, R TX) deserves to be tortured.
Use your rollover minutes to call the nine sadistic bastards and let them have it.

Kate said...

I dunno... this sounds an awful lot like another "I'll save you!" cape-wearing bullshit-fest from the Preztle King to me. Make a disaster, promise to fix it.

How? By using a "possible" worst case pandemic scenario as an excuse to initiate a police state. He's really reaching now.

And did anyone notice the lastest sacrifice fly, aka the latino spy?

Pitch a curve, dodge the ball, watch Humpty's arms flail, as he falls.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Humpty Rove's crack is starting to show.