Monday, October 17, 2005

Someone from Canada, Please Send Me a Club

Wanted: a large, wooden club suitable for conking out an average adult harp seal.
I want to go see Judith Miller and smack her around with it.
Miller "forgot" who told her?
Maybe a few conks to the frontal lobe might jar her memory.
Liberal media, my ass.
N.Y. Times editors? Suck it.


dusty said...

Isn't the word going around that Miller is a closet Repub any way?

enigma4ever said...

Or even better was the part that she didn't RECOGNIZE ol"Scoot at the rodeo ( geez- Judy at a Rodeo- that don't figure), I mean I can see if it had been a one nite stand ..oh, wait, the last time she saw him WAS at the St.Regis, mere weeks before...oh, and the weird little letter she got from him- at the end about her place with the Aspens , and the turning,and the clusters....( hmm, maybe that is a hint - maybe someone else paid for the Vacation home with the Aspens)..Meeting a source at the St.Regis- unreal. And in her little diddy she also states that she went to the rodeo and then went to Jackson Hole- WYOMING...was she delivering to DICK the whole time.... Anyways I have rambled enough here..I love your blog....come over to Watergatesummer some time...keep bloggin'it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

CLOSET? Please- Judy Miller couldn't be more repugnican if she was Rush OxyContin Limbaugh.
Enigma- great points.
Welcome to my Blog and please comment again.

CLD said...

Someone up top at the NYT had to know what she was up to.

Karen Zipdrive said...

No shit. Had the editors (or Publisher) NOT known, she would have been thrown to the wolves immediately after they discovered her WMD propaganda helped lead up to Bush's invasion of Iraq