Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dogpile on Sen. John Cornyn: Win a Prize

Delivering a rare wartime slap at Pentagon authority and the stupidest, most sadistic president in history, the GOP-controlled Senate voted 90-9 on Wednesday to back an amendment that would prohibit the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" against anyone in U.S. government custody, regardless of where they are held.

Naturally, one of the nine imbeciles who voted FOR torture was from Texas: Senator John Cornyn.
I just got off the phone with his one of his Washington flunkies and I let him have it.
I said he was an embarrassment to the nation, and that Abu Ghraib photos should be glued to his office walls as a reminder of what he voted for.

Most of my readers are not from Texas, but I implore all of you to call this jackass Cornyn's office and express your outrage.
Texas has suffered enough embarrassment at the hands of GOP legislators, and everyone in America should start zeroing in on these Texan GOP political hacks who act like they own the whole damn country.

Call John Cornyn's office at 202-224-2934 and tell them you're outraged that he voted FOR torture against detainees and POWs.
Then post a message and tell us what you said.

I'll award a prize to the best message. Honest, I will.


dusty said...

ok,,,i called and voiced my displeasure with the Senators jackass voting on this subject..the minion that answered the phone was back peddaling her butt off stating and I quote.."The senator only voted against the amendment because he did not want our hands to be "tied" during our time at war. I asked if he was "for" torture which is how I understand what she said. The woman then said no, of course not. I said"well, he either didnt understand the language which I am quite sure was english or he didnt have a clue what he was voting for or against." She then said she was going to transfer me to Jane Kaiser who could explain it better..Jane's voicemail came on..dammit..sorry didnt get very far..

Kate said...

You got the ol' "Kaiser Roll" ...

So many jackasses, so few calling card minutes. I prefer to articulate my outrage in writing. That way I don't stammer, stumble, or burst into tears from sheer outrage, as is my wont to do lately.

Karen Zipdrive said...

So far Dusty is winning the contest.
Letters rather than phone calls also can be submitted for the prize. said...

Four years of torture at Gitmo haven't gotten us any closer to finding Osama...and they don't want their hands to be tied...that's a load of B as in B and S as in S.

I'll see what I can do, karen...I'm From Texas, and I hate it when the good people of the Republic are lumped in with the rest of the (very few, in fact) hardass biblebanging conservatives that run the state.

JimBob said...

I called today and told the minion that Karen Zipdrive was coming up there to kick the Senator's ass.

They were very interested in who Karen Zipdrive I gave them your phone number and address.


Of course you know I'm just kidding. :-)

Friends don't let friends vote Repubelican

CLD said...

I need to see the list of idiots who voted against this.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Chari, I tried to find one but time ran out before I had to leave. AmericaBlog has a list in the comments about the same topic. If you find it, post it here, please.

Kate said...

From a link at Americablog I found this:

which has this list of pro-voters in support of unlimited torture:

Wayne Allard - Colorado
Kit Bond - Missouri
Tom Coburn - Oklahoma
Thad Cochran - Mississippi
John Cornyn - Texas
James Inhofe - Oklahoma
Pat Roberts - Kansas
Jeff Sessions - Alabama
Ted Stevens - Alaska

I'm impressed that there are so many deeply poverty-stricken states represented and cannot seem to shake the feeling of starving dogs at the feet of the Emperor.

Also, I see the Senile Stevens, who is way past his naptime, has once again embarassed the entire state.

dusty said...

aw condolences on the old coot's vote..and Oklahoma got two..jeez..

Karen Zipdrive said...

The winner is DUSTY!
Email me and we'll discuss getting your prize to you.

JimBob said...


That's discrimination, and I'm calling my repube senators, cuz I know they care so much about my rights, as a minority who has been discriminated against!