Friday, October 28, 2005

One Down, Several More to Go

Scooter Libby was indicted today on five counts, including perjury and obstruction of justice.
So much for Bush's claim five years ago that his administration would "restore dignity to the White House."
Libby is the first indictment, the investigation is ongoing, with special focus on Karl Rove.
Watch: the White House will decline to comment on this indictment beyond Dick Cheney's terse, written response to Libby's resignation. He wrote his response because he is too cowardly to face questions from the media, that much is obvious.
They will use the ongoing investigation as their excuse.

That's how they will keep from answering questions to which the nation deserves answers.

If Bush was smart, he'd defuse this horrible threat to our national security by putting ALL the suspects yet to be indicted on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.
Neither Karl Rove nor Dick Cheney can possibly concentrate on their jobs at hand with these swords of Damacles dangling over their heads.

But Bush is not smart.
And Bush has no loyalty to the citizens of the United States. Justice to him means looking out for his cronies. May he soon pay for his blatant stupidity.


Mileah said...

I love the smell of dignity back in the White House in the morning!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I still smell rat shit.

JimBob said...

i'm singin' a happy little ditty at my desk.

my co-worker (hardcore repube) thinks i'm being disrespectful.

i have changed the wallpaper on my desktop to read "ONE DOWN, THREE TO GO"...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tell your stupid ass co-worker that disrespect is not an indictable offense.
What is an indictable offense is lying your ass off about your role in outing a CIA agent.
It's no wonder the GOP are touchy right now. They are discovering that their leaders really are a bunch of lying, scumbag criminals.
I hope the law and order judge that caught this case throws Libby in jail pending trial.
He can use his crutches to fend off rapists.

dusty said...

what bothers me is this..Fitz is a meticulous man from what I have read. I really expected some charges based on the original intent of the investigation i.e., who outed Plame. The charges are for things that happened during the investigation, not prior.After listening to the rightwing nut jobs all day in my car, they are harping on that fact,touting the missing indictments as nothing else will happen, this is all we get. I shudder at the thought and I hope this means that Fitz is going to be his usual meticulous self and nail the remaining bastards at a later date with the current Grand Jury.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Just keep in mind that Al Capone was indicted for Income Tax evasion.
The jury that will hear this case will be among the millions upon millions who do not like the Bush administration.

BigSis said...

I think Fitz made it as clear as he could, without giving anyone the opportunity to say he's gunning for anyone in particular, that to get to the truth about Plame's outing, he first has to make the perpetrators STOP LYING! I think he's done that with Scooter. And that's also a shot fired over Rove's bow to let him and all the other criminals know that lying and obstruction of justice will not be tolerated.

It makes sense really. How can you get to the facts when all you get are lies? So my sense is that Fitz is first creating a clean work space and NOW he can begin to actually investigate what happened. Its not over for these thugs. And you hide and watch, people are going to be singing like canaries now because if Scooter can take a hit, no one's safe.

And I'm personally happy to know that these criminals will be spending every waking moment trying to fix/cover up/defend/justify etc their lies until the last one's ass is hit by the White House door on the way out. As long as they're busy with all of this, they can't put as much energy into screwing us. For example, Delay and Rove were supposed to be in Texas the last few weeks trying to shove the Constitutional ban on gay marriage down Texan's throats. Did you hear anything out of either of them in the last few weeks? NO, only our gay Governor and the KKK had the time to push that agenda. HA, no I say keep the bastards busy trying to keep their asses out of prison for another two years and beyond....I'm sleeping better already.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Amen, sistah.
That truly is one of the most brilliant theories I've read about Fitzgerald's actions.
You oughtta be a lawyer. ;)