Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bono Meets Bozo

I just read that U2 singer Bono met Bush for lunch at the White House today to discuss the world's AIDS pandemic.

I can just hear their lunchtime conversation:

Bush: Hey man, you want some blow?
Bono: No thanks, I don't do drugs.
Bush: Heh, heh, heh, no really dude, it's cool- I'm the fuckin' president!
Bono: I realize that, sir, but I don't do cocaine.
Bush: No shit?
Bono: No shit, sir.
Bush: So, you want a shot of Jack Daniels?
Bono: Erm, sure, I suppose so.
Bush: You want it in a glass, or just swig it out of the bottle like I do?
Bono: A glass would be nice. Might we discuss AIDS soon, sir?
Bush: You ain't a fag, are ya?
Bono: No sir, but...
Bush: Then I guess that covers THAT topic..heh, heh, heh. Can I interest you in a bong of fine, Afghani hash?
Bono: I don't smoke hashish, sir.
Bush: Weed?
Bono: No sir.
Bush: This sure blows the fuck outta my idea of a rock star. I guess I oughtta call the twins and tell them not to stop by after all, huh?
Bono: Are they interested in discussing the AIDS pandemic?
Bush: Are they a couple of fags?
Bono: No, of course not, but...
Bush: Then that's your answer, man.

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Dono said...

*Standing ovation with doubled-over laughter* Excellent post!