Tuesday, October 18, 2005

You Tell 'em, WACO

You know the neo-cons are fucking up when even the Waco Tribune calls them on their homophobic bullshit.
Their editorial:

Texas revisits gay marriage

Monday, October 17, 2005
When Texas lawmakers approved Proposition 2 to be included on the Nov. 8 constitutional amendments ballot, they must have been looking for an issue that would grab voter interest.
Of the nine proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot, Proposition 2 is sure to generate the most passion since it touches on homosexuality, marriage, civil rights, religion and politics.
Proposition 2 would amend the constitution to declare that marriage in Texas consists only of the union of one man and one woman. It also would prohibit the state or any political subdivision of the state from creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage.
This proposed constitutional amendment is redundant and unneeded. The Tribune-Herald editorial board recommends that voters reject Proposition 2.
Texas already has a law that prohibits marriage between persons of the same sex. It also prohibits civil unions between persons of the same sex.
In addition, the Defense of Marriage Act passed by the Texas Legislature in 2003 also spells out that the state will not recognize a same-sex marriage or civil union no matter where it was created.
That law essentially closes the door on gay marriages or civil unions in Texas.
Nevertheless, Texas lawmakers deemed it worth their time to propose amending the Texas Constitution to do the exact same thing as the 2003 Defense of Marriage Act.
The rationale behind this duplication of effort both in legislation and in the constitution was that a lawsuit might come along and successfully overturn the state's Defense of Marriage Act if it were found to unlawfully discriminate against some citizens.
Opponents of same-sex marriages want to erect as many roadblocks as possible to prevent gay couples from joining the institution of marriage. A constitutional amendment would be harder to change if attitudes in Texas about gay citizens also changed in the future.
Gay marriages are already banned in Texas. Proposition 2 is unnecessary. The Tribune-Herald editorial board recommends voting against Proposition 2.


Karen Zipdrive said...

How long will it take (what's left of) the Bush administration and the NASCAR set to figure out that the American people do NOT consider the subject of gay marriage a high priority right now?

For God's sake.
There's an illegal war going on.
The deficit is insane and Bush is borrowing from Communists to pay for this fucking war.
Katrina exposed gross deficiencies in the leadership of the federal government.
Federal leaders are being indicted, investigated and booked left and right.
We are paying $3 a gallon for fucking gas!!!

And the neo-cons want to stop everything and concern themselves with Adam and Steve's Big Gay Wedding?


biggsis said...

I went to a "No Nonsense in November" fund raiser last Saturday. Most of the people who appear in those anti-ban commercials being circulated around Texas were there. I asked them how the heck they got out of places like Tyler alive (even tho they're older straight men and women) after speaking at a huge rally against the ban on gay marriage. They said they were welcomed with open arms from everyone from clergy to cornpones. And they were in Waco too, and it was the same thing. Even the rubes in east Texas aren't swallowing this wedge issue put before them to create fear and loathing.

If Texas bans the ban I'm thinking the Bush stooges may start to get the picture - nah, they'll move on to some other tactic.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Bush's handlers have created a vision of the average small town Texan as a Bible thumping, intolerant, homophobic asshole.
Though there does exist some of that element in Texas, even Bush himself has close gay friends, and he's said to be not personally a homophobe. Laura certainly is not, and the twins DEFINITELY have gotten knee-walking drunk in their share of Austin lesbo bars.
Bush's handlers decided gay marriage could become a wedge issue, and he accepted it without question, just to get himself ahead.
Straight readers- believe me- gay marriage wasn't on the gay front burner before Bush started all this shit.

It's just one more way these evil bastards have pulled every string and overturned every rock to get into office.

You want to help?
Call Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and ask her to vote NO on Proposition 2.
Be sure you say what state you are calling from- the further the better.
Her number in DC is 202-224-5922.

Help us put an end to this hateful gay baiting.

Karen Zipdrive said...

(you know you have some!)

JimBob said...

And if you DON'T have rollover minutes, go to http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/

and enter your zip code. It'll give you contact info for ALL your congressmen.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks, Jim Bob.
An e-mail is just as good.

dusty said...

I am so sick of the homophobics bringing this to the forefront in order to subvert issues which affect the public at large..they are trying..and rather effectively i might add, to turn attention away from their bullshit to other issues. They think it will galvanize their support base..intelligent people just want to throw up when they see this fucking propaganda..please forgive my use of foul language..but I am so sick of this fucking bullshit I could eat nails..and I am getting major dental work done as we speak.

CLD said...

Nothing they do will keep any of us from forming loving, caring relationships. They do not seem to understand that we are not going away. Haven't any of them seen "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"? We're the Hoos... or is it Whos? Whatever, you get my point.

larkohio said...

I have no idea why they keep harping on this. We have so many problems we need to solve. My question is, how does it hurt me (I am straight), if two loving committed gay people who are of age, wish to marry? The answer is so obvious. It does not hurt me in anyway. It is just sheer bias, and I, for one, am tired of it.
Let's go after some real problems.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Hey, I'd love it if two queens got married and moved in next door. They'd improve their home so much it would up the property valuue of the whole fucking neighborhood.

JimBob said...

OK, I just HAVE to share this. It's a little off topic, but Karen just reminded me of it. It's hilarious.

On the topic of prejudice and "who's moving into the neighborhood now?"...

I have a lesbian friend who, along with her fiancee, bought a VERY nice house in a VERY nice part of town here in San Antonio.

I was visiting them one day when the fiancee opens up to me about how pissed she is that "some f*cking mexicans have moved in next door".

I was so surprised by her comment that it took me almost a full minute to see the humor in it (took me that long to pick my jaw up off the floor). I guess I thought that, being lesbian, she'd be more tolerant of others who may be on the receiving end of prejudice and bigoted attitudes.

I'm laughing now even as I write this. It's a great anecdote!

I guess bigotry comes in all forms.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Not long ago, I was at eating a salad at Whole Foods at The Quarry, which is a high-end shopping center on the edge of San Antonio's most prestigious neighborhood.
There I spotted a political lesbian acquaintance, who is heiress to one of America's largest fast food chains.
She looked around and said, "I can't believe how many Mexicans have found out about this place! I wish we could have kept it our own little neighborhood secret."
I didn't bother to tell her my mother is of Mexican descent. I didn't want to have to endure her "pardoning me" for being half Mexican, because I "don't look or act like an illegal alien."
But I have stopped buying Dip Cones and Belt Busters™, and I should suggest she do the same, but then that would make me seem prejudiced against enormous, inherited millionaires who've never worked an honest day in their lives.