Monday, October 03, 2005

My guest Blogger today:
Recycled Sip (nee BarCodeKing)

"Was that the best he can do?
Harriet Miers? He's got to be kidding..."

KZ adds: Harriet Miers has never even been a night court magistrate, much less a judge.


Mike said...

uh - does this mean that bck and kz are agreeing - i'm not sure i can handle this!?

CLD said...

She's also 60, unmarried and childless. How does that fit into the rightwing's vision of a woman being married with 2.3 children and a pot roast in one hand?

Lulu Maude said...

Since Harriet and I have broken neither bread nor wind together, I'm neutral... except that she's been able to stomach hanging out with that nitwit. Ugh.

Dubya doesn't expect much from women, so he's not likely to nominate (or even know) very impressive ladies.

By the way, some legendary justices have never been judges. The capacity for analysis of the law and its relation to the Constitution is the thing. Some perfect toads have not been judges, too... but that's another story.

Kate said...

Yes, yes, as I was watching the break-in for the breaking announcement which was evidently of enough national importance to highjack all the television stations and pre-empt their regularly scheduled programming, I saw the 60-year-old Mrs. Cleaver -- oops -- make that MSSSSSSSS. Cleaver, as she has never been married and is childless (whatup with that) and I thought: I wonder if anyone else's gaydar is going off at this moment?

BUT -- she's been VERY active in the Christian movement, said Bush, holding the highest position in some Women's Christian Coalition or Knitting Party so that must mean she's A-OKAY to sit on the bench.

Kinda like a third-stringer...

Bush is trying to get the women's vote on this move -- not for him, but perhaps for Turd Blossom.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If Bush wanted an old bull-dyke to be a SCOTUS justice, why didn't he just nominate his mother?

He has a thing for bossy old bitches. His mama, Condi, now this potential seahag.

CLD said...

Rightwingers, for some reason, seem to believe that just because one is a highly active Christian, then one must not be "gay". They're attempting to make the point that they're all sinless, and above reproach.

All of which is horseshit.

Karen Zipdrive said...

For them, Jesus is their biggest alibi.
They think, "I am Christian therefore:"
I am honest
I am heterosexual
I am good to the poor
I am not a war monger
I don't sully my body (God's temple) with coke and booze
My kids are not whores, drunks and drug addicts
What I say is what Christ would say
What I believe is how Christ would believe
If you disagree with me, you must therefore hate Christ...

If Christ were around today, he'd have a whole mess of right-wing fundamentalist motherfuckers to smite.

dusty said...

yeah it made my day seeing that geriatric non-judge whos only claim to fame is running the local and state Bar Assoc. reminds me of when my boss hired a guy with a degree in animal husbandry to run the Material Control Dept in an aerospace company...the guy couldnt find his ass with both hands.. said...

KZ...i haven't heard so much jeezus talk as i have gawd talk...they have a harder time trying to sell the jesus as great avenger image to the public. everyone knows jesus was a hippie...and a pascifist...the only time he even raised his fist in anger was in the act of throwing the money changers out of the temple.

GAWD is a much easier image to sell in an avenger/destroyer/sustainer capacity.

I was rather curious about his court nominee...i really couldn't dig too much up on her thru wiki before i had to head off to work this morning. i hear it kouric say she'd graduated from SMU (same as my sister, but had degrees in both mathematics and law, which leads me to believe she's either a double major (with math in the forefront), or a major/minor with law taking the latter position. i could be wrong about this. the only political position i could find was for the Dallas, TX city council. There's a stint as the head of the TX lottery or something...

sorry for the waste of bandwidth...i'll shut up for a bit.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The lottery was a fucked up mess when Harriet Miers took over.
Then she fired a whole bunch of slackers and put in new people.
Today, the lottery is a fucked up mess with new, Miers-appointed slackers running it.
Thanks, Harriet- I'm sure Ozzie appreciates your work. said... has a nice piece...starting to dig into this new lackey's past and turn up some dirt...check it...


Karen Zipdrive said...

Thanks, indy.
I love those first few sprinkles before the thunderstorm begins.

The Educated Eclectic said...

Karen said:
Karen said...
If Bush wanted an old bull-dyke to be a SCOTUS justice, why didn't he just nominate his mother?

He has a thing for bossy old bitches. His mama, Condi, now this potential seahag.

You forgot Hughes in that mix, KZ...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Egads, what a gaffe!
Karen Hughes is a femmier bulldyke than the Mama and Aunt Jemima Rice, but I still bet she can pee standing up off a moving bass boat.

Kate said...

"...but I still bet she can pee standing up off a moving bass boat."

Lol. I think I just peed my pants a little bit.