Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Extremely Dumb Pit Bull With Lipshtick

Oh, swell.
The increasingly desperate MCCaint/Palin campaign has officially taken the gloves off Palin and set her loose on unsuspecting audiences.
"Jeeze, do we wanna guy who pals around with Bill Ayres, who tried to bomb the doggone Pentagon because he hated America so doggone much because he was nothing but a doggone terrorist?"
What a fucking imbecile.
If we want to hear about past associations, let's talk about more recent past associations the candidates had as grown men- like Charles Keating and John McCain.
Obama was 8-years-old during the time Ayres was like so many of us- against the Vietnam war and willing to openly protest it.
With the economy in shreds due to excess deregulation that chumps like McCain campaigned for for so many years, does that stupid ass Palin really think any of us give a shit about what anyone was doing 40 years ago?
Oh, wait.
McCain was a POW 40 years ago, and I keep forgetting he peaked as an honorable man way back then and has been whimpering about it ever since.
Yeah, Palin, by all means let's avoid discussing the present- let's not even MENTION Bush or McCain supporting him 90 percent of the time, instead what I want to know about was what Obama's acquaintance did 40 years ago when you were 4.
Jesus, these imbeciles can't even bash their opponents well.

Still, I can think of no better attack dog than Palin. The more she says, the harder we get to laugh.
Let's forget the economy, folks, because what really matters in 2008 is Vietnam.


HelenWheels said...

Well said, she's a complete moron. But of course, the campaign has "officially" decided to go negative, so it's OK. AS long as they tell us beforehand they are going to lie and distort and make shit up, they are covered! That's how it works in conservatard land!

And now she's misquoted Albright, twisted it slightly to say that if you are a woman and don't vote for her, you're going to hell!

And people will actually believe it.

Holy fucking shit.

nonnie9999 said...

i think this is going to backfire. she is opening the door to capt underpants's and her own past associations. do they really want the witch-hunting crazy reverend and the jews for jesus guy and all todd's political associates in the spotlight? howzabout ted stevens, don young, and the other crooked alaskan pols?
the obama campaign doesn't have to officially open any cans of worms. the blogs can start it, and the media can report on it, while the campaign keeps its hands clean.

Matty Boy said...

Gosh, McCain actually confessed his war crimes when the Commies tortured him. Ya wonder if he's some sort of Manchurian Candidate or somethin'?

HelenWheels said...

Indeed, the righty-tards don't ever appear to have any planning or forethought for their scams. They are desperate, so they don't care. They are throwing shit on the wall & seeing what sticks. Like monkeys flinging poop.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Exactly, saying ahead of time that you're going negative is a little beyond stupid.
Especially when you preface it by saying your campaign wants to "turn the page on the economy."
Yeah, that was *so* last week, when the Bill Ayres story was only 40 short years ago.
Yep, just about the same time McCain was fucking around on his first wife with Cindy Lou.

HelenWheels said...

It's kinda like announcin' that yer not gunna tock about what the moderater wants ya ta, but jest tockin' straight ta the Americun People, you betcha!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I'm watching the rerun of the debate and Palin sounds even dumber than she did the other night. I didn't think it possible. But like cheap, bad wine, as time passes, she turns to vinegar.

HelenWheels said...

DCup that's what I kept telling everyone, give it a little distance, settle down about her not vomiting on Gwen Ifill, and then watch her performance as if she were truly a qualified candidate.

Then, you realize her performance was the Hindenberg.

Of course, the people who responded completely hysterically and emotionally to the fact she wasn't as bad as on Couric have already damaged things and legitimized what was I think the biggest mockery of a debate and the election process I've ever witnessed.

The mainstream media really hates America.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


There are only two factors keeping this race from being over now: (1) There is a hard core of about 3% outside the Evangelical Extremists who won't vote for an African-American under any circumstances (2) The big media strongly favors the McCain/Palin ticket.

Even with that working against Obama, he's the pure nuts to make 300 electoral votes with a reasonable chance to make 380. 400 isn't out of the question.

He's gotten very lucky with the moderators in the 3 debates: Lehrer first, Brokaw coming up and Schieffer to finish. He couldn't have scripted it any better. He could well have draw Blitzer. That would have been hideous for him.

The attack strategy is perfect for Obama's calm style. All he has to do is what he's been doing -- answer back strongly, crisply and quickly. Only criticize McCain/Palin on issues.

I don't love the bank package but his having gotten deep into it such that he could move some House Democrats over to the "yes" has made him pretty fluent in the economic issues but everything he's picked up doing the heavy lifting on the bill fits very nicely into that 4 point economic framework he laid out in the first debate.

I just don't see a problem here. Obama has even innoculated himself if Bush calls his old squash buddy Osama bin Laden up and asks for a little help for McCain.

Only Bush invoking the "Continuity Of The Executive" thing and suspending the elections can stop Obama at this point.

In South America, same as everywhere else he's favored 93-7 over McCain. Obama's very well respected outside the US and McCain is universally loathed. I think that Palin is a bigger bad surprise to American people than to foreigners because at least most people down here kind of assume that all Americans are like Palin, anyway and that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are kind of unusual.

Katie Schwartz said...

Yo Zippy: I am convinced that if given the power, Palin would turn this country into a dictatorship. She's a sick, twisted, stupid cunt from hell.

Katie, how do you really feel about her?

Mauigirl said...

I think it's pretty hilarious that they announce they're going to try to ignore the economy and make it all be about Obama.

Do you think maybe, this time, the American people will finally see through the BS that the GOP tries to sling? I'm hoping so.

Let's start talking about the Keating Five - much more pertinent to today's situation than Ayres, for sure!

karenzipdrive said...

Yes let's start talking about the Keating 5.
Here's a preview:

Jess Wundrun said...

Sarah Palin has sex with a secessionist (and also the business partner of a secessionist). I'd say that's a slightly closer relationship to one who hates America than Obama's passing Ayers in the street because they live in the same neighborhood.

Going all negative is going to hurt them big time. And I couldn't be happier.

I just wish the fucking media would quit acting like Obama and McCain are both conducting negative campaigns. They're trying to sound balanced but they just suck.

On Friday's 20/20 with Diane Sawyer they did a piece on the candidates bios. They did discuss McCain's fooling around on his injured wife/Keating Five scandal/Cindy's drug use-barely escaping prison for illegal scrip writing but then they turned around and gave the equal weight to Obama's relationship with Rev. Wright and Michelle saying she's never been proud of her country. Fucking nuts!

bigsis said...

I like kelso's reasons why this election ordeal isn't already over. The race thing is highly underestimated, and the media just won't let go and admit that Obama is mopping the floor with McCain.

HelenWheels said...

YUP!! They can't announce a win because they'll lose interest & advertising dollars. So... they will fuck with us just for that reason alone.

Of course, he's going to have to win in a landslide or it will be stolen again. I think major caging is going on.

Dusty said...

The McCain trained seal might or might not be dumb, but she sure follows directions well.

When she starts on Jeremiah Wright..we can bitchslap her with the idiot preacher that banishes witches from Africa.

Fran said...

Winky McPalin does seem mixed up delivering her beauty Queen mavericky message, while calling Obama a domestic terrorist.
I mean really.... do ya wink -n-smile when you say domestic terrorist, or rub your rhinestone flag lapel pin 3 times while clicking your red high heels together? This campaignin' is tricky stuff fer an outsider- so many complex components to have to maverick together. Dog gone it & golly gee.

Any bets on how many more interviews Palin will do in the next 28 days???

bigsis said...

Palin's witch doctor/preacher is reverend Muthee and he's scary as hell. You can find him on YouTube at Palin's Wasilla church warding off witchcraft and the Jews.

He makes the Rev Wright seem like Billy Graham.