Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unkempt, Ignorant Slobs for McCain

Swiped this from my pal Dusty's blog.
How embarrassing to share the same nation with this group of Dorito munching, Big Gulp drinking, ignorant slobs.
Go home to your trailers, wash your greasy hair and shut the fuck up, y'all.


Anonymous said...

A total embarrassment to us all as Americans. I can't even imagine how someone like that processes information. I guess the answer to that is - they don't.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Seriously folks, look at this crowd.
Bad genetics, horrible grooming, dimwitted expressions and garbled speech.
I wish they could all move in with McCain and Cindy.

FranIAm said...

It is bad. I feel sick when I see this- I've watched it a few times nwo and can't do it again.

Really scary shit.

Germany, 1933 and all the disenfranchised anger and despair turned very ugly against an imaginary enemy and not at the real perpetrators.

HelenWheels said...

That "Mindy" whoever is a prime specimen of the so stupid she thinks she knows everything type of moron. I love how those 2 young guys just made shit up to justify their hate of Obama. Sadly, it has been reported from studies on this type of personality (stupid, fearful & ignorant) makes up 25% of any society. So, to give these fucktards power is super dangerous. McLame must know exactly what he's doing, playing from Rove's playbook. That means he's knowingly giving these people a voice when they are, by all rights, batshit insane and dangerous.

That tells me McLame cares about winning at any cost, America be damned, and Obama's safety be damned, because believe me, one of these rabid wastes of space are going to eventually try to harm Obama.

John McLame is now at Rush Limbaugh level's of hatemongering. That's incredibly reckless and pathetic.

Ray_Haque said...

You notice how people are hesitant to speak when they see that they are being filmed? If you are embarrassed to be caught saying it folks, it's probably because it's bullsh*t (and you know it full well).

Sadly, I live in a small Ohio town and I can tell you first hand - people like this are breeding.

karenzipdrive said...

Ray, of course they are breeding. Where do you think the term, "fucking idiots" comes from?

nonnie9999 said...

i hope rush limpdick, karl rove, and the rest are proud of what they have created. just imagine what people in other countries will think when they see this.

Turbo: said...


You're making my 1st day into a 30-day caffeine give up so PAINFUL! That clip! Those MORONS! I hate that I share citizenry with such dumb asses! Maybe I should be happy that there can be such differences in our "great" land, but can't there be differences grounded in fact! Those ignorant twits make me want to drop-kick a kitty!!!!

I am sooooo scared these idiots are going to storm the polls in crazy turn outs and we'll really be cast back into the dark ages. (Ever seen the indie flick, CSA?)

Bless you girl! You're doing great work, work that tears off the sunglasses and forces me to see!

bigsis said...

helenwheels ir right on when she says, 25% of all societies have these nutty people. It doesn't take much encouragement to incite them into rallying and doing crazy shit, like killing someone for being "different." But as the yummy Rachel Madow pointed out, these types are all the McCain campaign has left.

HelenWheels said...

McPain is gonna be one sad mofo should Obama win. He'll be so fucking kicked to the curb. He burned a lot of bridges selecting Mooselini the idiot as his running mate and devolving into a hatemongering freak. He's lost all credibility.