Thursday, October 02, 2008

AFL-CIO's Richard Trumka Tells it Like it is

You tell it, brother.


FranIAm said...

Preach it brother - preach it loud and clear.

This is the kind of voice that is needed to swing a lot of those voters.

Go go go!

BuelahMan said...

Richard Trumpka proves he is full of shit in his very first sentence.

I had to stop there. I can't watch a Dem water carrier any more than I can watch a THUG water carrier.

There are a multitude of damned good reasons not to vote for Obama and his color is not one of them.

Obama is simply McCain-lite (but with a darker skin tone).

If you want to bail out Wall Street, vote for Obama. If you want to expand the Military Industrial Complex, vote for Obama. If you want to continue pouring money into the failed illegal invasion of Iraq, vote for Obama. If you want America to continue its infantile following of Zioinistic ideologies, vote for Obama. If you want the CFR to continue its control over foreign policies, vote for Obama. If you want the rich fat cats to control the presidency, vote for Obama.

BTW: McCain has the same stance, perhaps a bit worse, but essentially the same.

A vote for either of these lying assholes is detrimental to America.

I wish people could get past the bullshit two party meme. It is only tearing America apart.

And it shows me that people aren't thinking, except to think what THEY want you to think.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Buelahman. That makes two of us.

McCain: Bailout Wall St. Your portion is $2300.

Obama: Bailout Wall St. Your portion is $2300.

As Rev. Wright might say: "God DAMN our two party system!"

karenzipdrive said...

Richard Trumka was talking about how union members should support Obama because he's pro union. His speech was not about the bailout, so we're already off topic here.
Okay, okay, we all know this is an odious bill, even in its revised form.
But Obama wasn't in the Senate when McCain and Phil Gramm were all about deregulating, and that's what caused this unraveling- lack of oversight.
Something had to be done to stem the bloodflow and we all know it.
But I think Obama as president is the person who's more likely to do something plausible so this doesn't happen again.
He's inheriting a whole pile of shit from the GOP- let's not brand him "just another crooked politician" until he's had a chance to change our minds.
And please do not think this will become a comments section brawl.
I'm voting for Obama and I think everyone should.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is most welcome to discuss it on their own blogs.
Thank you for your cooperation.

BuelahMan said...

And I thought this was a place you could discuss something. Silly me.

(BuelahMan shaking his head in total disbelief)

Later, Karen

(You are welcome to chime in the pro-Obama stuff at my place any time you feel like it. I am a gracious host.)