Friday, October 03, 2008

Hey I'm Cute, I Think I'll Wink My Way In


Distributorcap said...

she defines frigidity

Randal Graves said...

But on the flip side, she's got that folksy charm. My question is, what do voters value more, folksy charm or beer drinkability?

Jess Wundrun said...

How did chimpy put that? "the soft bigotry of low expectations"? The McCain camp sold her so low that as long as she didn't puke on herself last night she was considered to have exceeded expectations.

Somehow that bar is set a little low. Americans need to ask themselves what the fuck has happened to us?

She did the second worst job of any candidate in any vice presidential debate ever. The worst was that comatose guy Ross Perot put up, but then he was never a serious contender.

dguzman said...

Hey, leave Stockdale alone! Poor old guy was DEAD, after all, but they still propped him up there, "Weekend at Bernie's" style, and managed to make his mouth move in mostly all the right ways!

I was watching the debate at the local dem HQ office, and everyone in the room burst into "OMG!"s when the wink happened. It was like the bar went so low it was underground from then on.

nonnie9999 said...

she got confused. she thought she was on nashville star instead of a vice presidential debate.

bigsis said...

The wink, the aw shucks schtick, it was all a bunch of obvious gimmicks. I only wish Joe wouldn't have grinned quite so toothily when she did that crap. It looked like she had him hook line and sinker. Maybe she did, or maybe the grin was as far down as he could suppress a huge belly laugh at her ridiculousness.

In any case, she may go home to Alaska with a speck of dignity intact after that "debate" but she'll always and forever be known for her interview with Katie Couric.

karenzipdrive said...

America's level of intellectual capacity has shrunk because the goddamn Republicans have been in office too long and neglected education.
Now we have a huge population of dull witted, incurious oafs who've turned so primative they want someone "they can relate to" in office because smart people make them feel inferior.
They lowered the expectations bar so much on this stupid bitch that if she showed up and didn't trip or jab a pencil into her eye, she got a win.
Well, fuck her.
She was evasive, repetitious and overly coached like a parrot or trained seal.
I'm offended that people actually think she did well. Too many people are too stupid in this country, and I'm fucking sick of it.

HelenWheels said...

SHe failed so miserably. I was cracking up that people said she didn't fall on her face! Well... what do you call REFUSING to answer the questions, and using the entire time for your own infomercial, then proceeding to spew out disconnected, rote talking points?

OMG, she couldn't even stop! "Let me talk about"... WTF?? Gwen Ifill failed too. She should have pressed her to answer the questions. THEN it would have been JUST LIKE THE COURIC INTERVIEW.

She knew she could never possibly answer what she needed to, so her handlers undoubtedly said, "hey, let's try this new gimmick - let's just REFUSE to answer the questions the moderator asks, then ask and answer whatever questions WE want!"

OMG. Major big-time fail.

The rightwing will always crow victory but Biden owned this debate, kicked Palin's Hee Haw Actin' ass, and that's how it will go down in history.

Is anyone else NOT surprised that she doesn't know what an Achilles' Heel is?

Anonymous said...

She may have not been kidding, but she was certainly a joke.