Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Fer God's Sake!

Okay, at first glance it looks like Piper Palin is carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag with an estimated retail value of about a thousand bucks.
Hey, she is carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag with an estimated retail value of about a thousand bucks, only my hunch is she's acting as her mommy's lil' valet.
What the Hell, Sarah, let your kid with the melted Gummi bears all over her hands carry your expensive purse--it's not like you paid for it.
So, all you hockey moms and Walmart Republicans who think Palin represents your cherished small town values so much that you went without Totino's pizza and Ding Dongs for a month so you could donate money to her? SUCKERS!
Palin cares so much about her kids, she allows them to be dragged in on her outrageous wardrobe scandal by letting the paparazzi photograph the little girl with the loot in her hand? WTF??
If anyone donates another penny to this trailer trash bitch, I hope they designate it "for children's therapy."
She's passing on some trashy psychopathology to these poor kids.
I bet even baby Trig is wearing rompers from Bel Bambini in Beverly Hills, courtesy of the hockey moms and Walmart Republicans out there.
You get what you pay for, chumps.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zippy! Here's a little secret. The bag's a $20 knockoff from Canal Street. She pocketed the other $980.

FranIAm said...

Canal St. That is great Spartacus!!!


That photo is repulsive!

Anonymous said...

Or she bought the knock off when she spent a few nights at the $707.29-per-night Essex House hotel.

You know, the trip that she billed the State of Alaska for.

Jaliya said...

Karen -- I'm pretty new to your blog -- I love the way you think and write!!

As for McCain & Palin ... my head is no longer spinning; it's flung itself right off my neck.

It's all so vulgar ... such a blatant contrast to the *substance* and *sanity* of Barack Obama (and style -- good lord, he *radiates* cool).

Louis Vuitton is a name on a bag with a ferocious price tag ... it'll end up in a landfill one day.

I really feel for little Trig. Some kids with Down syndrome have sensory processing disorders -- who knows what all the noise and chaos of the campaign might be doing to him.

Thanks for such smart, sharp observations! ;-)


Jaliya said...

Oops -- I forgot to mention Canal Street. I visited there last year with five other women ... What a blast ... I bought some goodies, including a watch for my husband -- a $30 Movado knock-off that caused an allergic skin reaction and croaked within a month (the watch, not my husband!) ... and a $20 Dolce & Gabana knock-off purse that popped its zipper sooner than you could say "Damn! I've been had!!" ;-D

Karen Zipdrive said...

Welcome Jaliya, nice to have you drop in.

I bought a fake Rolex in Tijuana once and both hands fell off and just bounced around inside the crystal.
I kept it though, in case I ever want to make an artsy collage about greed and fakery.
Or maybe I'll just send it to the Governor's mansion in Alaska.

nonnie9999 said...

i wonder how much they spent to fly levi, the fertile guy, in from alaska and how much his suit cost. how much you want to bet he took that home with him? how are they going to say that his clothes are going to charity if he still has them? he's not campaigning. there's no reason for him still having it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Apparently in his haste to choose a suitable religious wingnut from a hick state, he neglected to ask if the Palin family had any decent clothes.
Damn, if they had to use GOP dough to buy Trig some decent babywear, that's some serious white trash up in there.
I can just hear McCain talking to Cindy Lou about the problem:

"Hey you useless cunt, since all you do is take dope and shop anyway, why doncha make yourself useful for a change and take those Palin hillbillies to the mall and suit 'em up in some decent threads?"
"Well, I just took four Vicodins and a tumbler full of Grey Goose, so let me get the keys to the Escalade before the buzz wears off."
"I forgot where I put the keys, you goddamn trollop."
"Why do you need the keys?"
"To unlock the doors of the Hanoi Hilton, ya stupid Gookie cunt!"
"I am so not Gookie."
"No, I don't want any goddamn cookies."
"Oh, here are the keys!"
Good. Now give them to me so I can drive off a goddamn cliff."
"Who on Earth is Cliff?"

Matty Boy said...

The RNC is donating all the stuff they bought for Sarah to charity, you miserable America haters!

Strike that: all the stuff she wore at the convention. The later stuff is unreturnable, because flop sweat stains are nearly impossible to get out of fine fabric.

Alrighty then! America haters, carry on!

Turbo: said...

Well said! Maybe that old insult, "You're ugly and your momma dresses you funny," could be reworked on a wavering Republican. Hmmmm.

dguzman said...

"so let me get the keys to the Escalade before the buzz wears off"--hell, that whole "conversation" was pure bloggy gold, Zip. Nice work! You always get the inside poop.

karenzipdrive said...

I've read reports that Piper Palin actually owns that purse, but it's a knock-off.
Gee, teaching a little girl to be superficial AND phony are such great family values!

Piper Palin Picked a Pair of Pathetic Parents.