Sunday, October 12, 2008

That's Enough.

I am fuming over the rhetoric and tone of the McCain/Palin campaign.
Seriously, these two have gone too far and their statements and insinuations are fanning the flames of hatred, intolerance and violence among the most ignorant of their supporters.
We know they are losing and they know it, too. But rather than elevate the tone and rhetoric of their speeches and offer some useful ideas to help a damaged America stabilize, they both ramped up the hate speech about Obama, and in the process emboldened the worst kind of racists and hatemongers who support them.
God damn it, they can't talk about Christian Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Obama's 20-year association with his church and call Obama a Muslim at the same time.
God damn it, they can't fault Obama for what Bill Ayres did as a Weatherman 40 years ago when Obama was 8.
God damn it, they cannot encourage their followers to start yelling "terrorist," "kill him" and "off with his head" at their rallies.
These people are insane!
Bitter, mean spirited and hate mongering candidates have no place in the government.
When one of McCain's idiot supporters claimed Obama was a Muslim, McCain made a feeble attempt to correct her by saying, "No ma'am, Senator Obama is a good family man."
So ignorant and steeped in hatred is he, he inferred that Muslims by nature cannot be "good family men."
We have millions of tax paying, law abiding, American born Muslims in America, most of whom are "good family men."

McCain and Palin need to cut through all the veiled references and code phrases and just be truthful and say what they really mean:
"My friends, we don't want a nigger president."

They are beyond pathetic.
I plan to send Obama's campaign $10 for every instance of racist, xenophobic hate speech I hear from the McCain/Palin camp until the election is over.


Distributorcap said...

kz - -my fear is that they have opened the barn door and the genie cant be put back in the bottle

these same people who are screaming hooligans and calling obama an ay-rab -- are the same ones who will wake up on Nov 5 and see they have an n-word president --- and burn down the barn.

deep inside the warped mind of mccain he knows it has gone too far - but has little abililty or even desire to rein it in. if he loses he has to work with a senate that might hate what he has done and a president obama -- i would think he might try to salvage some part of his honor -- but he wont.

as for her -- dont get me started -- she is reveling in the attention from the hate mongers --- this is eva peron/eva braun/lucrezia borgia/lizzy borden and rasputin all wrapped into one persona. trailer trash is even better than her.

the worst thing they could do is continue this rebel rousing as the economy sinks into a cesspool --- that is germany all over

porchwise said...

McCain is wandering around in an alzheimers fog most of the time. It's only when he wakes up to look at some of those ads that he decides to say he likes Obama. It's only going to get worse because his party knows they need to play the race card often in those states that are fading from red to blue. Obama has integrity, something McCain (and his Barbie doll) sadly lack.

Anonymous said...

Enough is right.

Lulu Maude said...

Unfortunately, I expected this sort of rhetoric for our first black candidate. I feared for his life. Apparently he received a Secret Service detail before any other candidate.

Now, if we can push past the GOP voter fraud attempts, we'll have a decent, intelligent, principled president--first time in years! A cool First Lady, too.

Hang in there.

Fran said...

Ewww! A winking Palin was revolting enough... a winking McCain..... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

They should in fact make an official statement that they oppose the violent remarks made at their rallies. They are either for it or against it, to coin the Decider's phrase.

No excuses!