Friday, November 01, 2002

All Soul's Day

Today would have been my grandmother's 115th birthday.
It's All Soul's Day, or Dia de los Muertes for the Hispanically inclined.
It's the one day of the year when the veil between life and death is the thinnest.
It's the day when spirits and souls are celebrated.
It's the day cemeteries in San Antonio are festooned with flowers, mariachis and families offering goodies to the departed.
I'd like to go to the cemetery today and pay my propers to the ancestors.
Only trouble is, I feel a little chained to the house so I can do my feedings and bloodletting to try to force my glucose levels under 160.
Anyway, I might go and collect my 90-year-old mother and drag her to the cemetery in spite of the logistics. Or maybe I'll just light some candles at home.
Whatever I decide, today I'll ponder my dead relatives, friends and my soulmate who died in '89. I wish them well, wherever they are.
Since Halloween was on Survivor Thursday, I hid out in the back of my house instead of distributing the free AOL trial CDs I was planning to give out.
I used to hand out those really cool little chocolate bars, but I wasn't about to have those scattered around, whispering "eat me."
Halloween, being the high holy day of queerdom, used to be one of my favorite days of the year. It was a night of drunken merrymaking and untold indulgences.
Now a KitKat bar and a martini could put me in a coma.
Yep. This year I went as a hyperglycemic. Trick or Trick!

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