Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Prince Michael II

Seems Michael Jackson is in trouble for holding his latest victim... eh, son over the edge of a fourth floor balcony at a German hotel.
Six month old Prince Michael II was photographed being held by his... eh, daddy as he dangled over the balcony so well wishers below could see him. The child had a cloth over his head but his bare feet and legs showed him to be the same pale white skin color as his father.
Let's discuss:
1. Who would turn over an infant to this freakazoid?
2. Does anyone on Earth believe these kids were sired by him, and if so, does anyone think it was done the old penis and vagina way?
3. Does anyone doubt that Michael is a pedophile, specifically with little boys?
4. Has anyone out there actually purchased a Michael Jackson CD or tape since they heard he was a kiddie diddler?
5. Didn't he used to be black?
6. Did his nose ever up and fall off?
7. Do you think he got his mitts on Webster or Macauley Culkin when they were tots?
8. Do you think he was into Bubbles the chimp sexually?
9. Do you think Michael Jackson actually have sex with Lisa Marie Presley?
10. What would Elvis have thought of his baby girl marrying MJ?

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