Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Mensa Mensa

I am a perfect blend of agony and ecstasy today.

Republicans elected out the yin yang. Look out, economy! Hello war!
Hear me now and believe me later- the surplus is gone, the war is going to screw up the economy even worse and only the GOP's and their cronies will get rich off this.
Dubya is a Madison Avenue creation and the voters fell for it.
Kind of like the Pet Rock.
The Senate and Congress are crawling now with Republicans, like cucarachas in a dirty kitchen.
Say good-bye to the arts, human rights, gay rights, prescriptions for elderly, and basically anything that doesn't embrace white rich men and their wives.
Fuck it. It's gonna be a long two years.

When the going gets rough on the homefront, what better to do than board a plane and go to Canada to indulge in practices that would melt the Grecian Formula out of the GOP's hair?
The thought of seeing Aviva tomorrow night in Montreal cancels out the agony of the elections.
No news, no computer, no cares, just her.
Life can be sweet, even with diabetes and a shitload of new Republican crooks, ready to do the bidding of the Idiot Prince.

See you folks in a few days. :)

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