Monday, November 18, 2002

Woo, What A Late Start!

Uh oh. I am on deadline and I awakened at 9:45 this morning.
Apparently Mr. Sandman stayed over because he liked my down comforter, that slothful bastard.
So I crawled out of bed, showered, shivered, brewed some coffee and opened my e-mail to find a jackpot of Jewish notes. Three from Aviva, two from a Parisian Jew on my list and a few from my new best e-friend, Jodi the Kosher recipe girl.
You may as well start reading Jodi's blog, "Because I Said So." It's newly linked to the left and she's funny.
Here's what's not so funny.
My dear Aviva is the one whose boss has been insisting everyone take the post est Landmark Forum, and last week he had everyone at work in a state of shock with his lengthy meetings about the forum, his perma-glazed facial expression and his yammering on and on about "integrity" and being "authentic."
Aviva has the experience, people skills and employee support to literally walk away and start her own business, but she's not the type to do that. Nor is she a confrontational type. But I am thinking she's not going to take much more of this idiot's crap, so everyone please join me in sending her some take-no-crap vibes. Kick his ass, baby!
Also, today is my good friend and ex lover Cris'es birthday.
She's so cool, as her gift to herself she's quitting her megabuck job today. Yep, she's going to give herself the gift of herself. Cris is an overachiever. She has an MA in psychology and an MBA. She also has a wonderful artist inside her, and that's who's going to be free to grow in a few weeks. I couldn't be happier for her. Happy Birthday, Cris!
Meanwhile, I have to work.
My editor extended our magazine publication deadline until Friday, so I don't have to work *hard* I just have to show a little progress.
That means I am logging off, going out to forage for this week's meager food supply, and get my hormone prescription refilled before I turn into the Wolfman.

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