Friday, November 22, 2002


Hard to believe I've had 25,000 hits since November 2001.
Seems like just yesterday I ruined my BlogBack account with my 10,000 hit sweepstakes. BlogBack Marcus still has my kiss prints on his butt from my pleading to get my comments back.
I am sick tonight. I have either Formula 409 poisoning, bronchitis, a common cold or allergies. I am thinking wine would help any of those maladies, but wine has sugar and blah, blah, blah, you know the routine.
I have settled on two Canadian Tylenols with codeine. They don't really help the symptoms, but they make me feel naughty and that alone helps me feel better.
Anyone know where I can get specific flavors of sugar free Jelly Bellies? I like the popcorn, cherry and one of the yellow ones. The pink ones are pretty awful. So are the pear ones.
I have started to grow feathers and fins from my new diet. Sooner or later I am going to have to bust loose on some red meat. I am thinking a Thai steak salad with a peanut dressing I rework without sugar.
I read a vegan diet can put diabetes II into total remission. Too bad all my experiences with vegans are that they are pains in the ass to eat with and hell to cook for. What are they allowed to eat, anyway? Black beans? Feh.
Liza and David were just on ET. Yikes. They are even funnier on Codeine.

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