Friday, November 29, 2002


Why do I buy into Christmas?
I think Jesus Christ is okay, I think he was a conduit to God, just like I think other historical religious leaders were/are.
To me, God is God, and any religious entity who founded a religion based on God has at least some spiritual credibility.
Well, I am wondering about Allah, but that's another blog.
Thing is, I don't identify strictly as a Christian.
I am a God believer, but not just through the life and teachings of Jesus.
I am a Jew. I am a Buddhist. I am a Hindu. I am a white witch. I am even still a bit Catholic, at least as far as the cool saints, icons and other religious gear go.
I guess that makes me a pan-denominationalist, although Islam/Muslim dogma has yet to offer me anything I think I can apply to my life as a lesbian, feminist woman.
Anyway, Christmas is coming and I decided I am not going to do anything traditional to celebrate it this year.
Aviva the Jew will be with me, and I am thinking instead of the traditional Christmas thing, if the weather holds, we may just drive down to South Padre Island and take a few days to walk on the beach.
I think God lives at the beach. I think it's a great place to reflect on the God that lives within all of us.
I fail to see how getting to Walmart at 5 a.m. to get the jump on holiday shopping today has anything to do with Christ. I fail to see how a new DVD or a down comforter will show anyone I know that I love God. My family is very fortunate in the prosperity department and they don't really lack for anything material.
So that's it.
I'll donate some money to the needy this season, and take my lover to the beach.
Ho ho ho!

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