Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Good Voter Haiku

Mikey the Spacemonk
I knew he'd do the right thing
Namaste, buddy!

Chari Techfluid
Voted in Florida, hmm?
Is your chad dimpled?

Apocalypse pd
Had to vote for some indies
No dems over dere

Barcodie, gee whiz
A straight, male republican
What you doin' here?!?

Kelly, 23
Already knows the true score
Vote Reps in, get war

Melly in Tulsa?
I don't recall being asked
If you could leave town

Greybird, we await
Did you vote for Democrats
or were you Bushwacked?

Barcodie loves bush
I can't really blame him though
I love to jab bush

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