Friday, November 29, 2002

Big Big Shopping Day

I'm not going shopping today.
The $4 I'd save on some gift or doodad isn't worth the emotional angst I'd suffer from traffic, parking woes, crowds and inundated shop clerks.
Yesterday we had a great time. Good company, good food and a great movie afterwards.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets was simply fantastic. It was better than the first one, which I loved, because it was darker, more complex and scarier.
I still have a crush on Professor Snape. Go figure.
We took my best friend Anna's little son Andrei, who was actually rather attentive for several hours. I only wanted to smack him a few times.
Anna's husband, the one immersed in the work of Byron Katie, was really very nice to see again. We talked about his obsession briefly, but he seemed relaxed with it and listened to what few things I did have to say.
He's a doctor and a distance runner and Anna's parents are fitness and diet freaks, so we were all able to discuss glucose and carbos and all this nutrition crap that's been obsessing me.
Anna's mom brought a sugarless cherry pie that was so good I nearly swooned. Splenda is good! I had a small slice, but still my evening glucose level was in the low 200's, so I rode 15 miles on my bike last night to try to repair the damage.
My glucose level this morning was a mere 126, so that proves to me that exercise really helps in controlling diabetes. Best of all, it has an almost immediate impact on glucose levels, so there's the instant gratification I love.
So, how was your Thanksgiving?
Will you go shopping today?

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