Monday, November 11, 2002

Canadia Revisited: Part Two

On Friday, we ate dinner in Old Montreal at Gibbys
, in a building erected in the 1600's. We sat by the fireplace. Aviva by firelight is better than chocolate. Then we went home and explored international relations in depth.
On Saturday, we celebrated being Jewish. Aviva took me to see her childhood homes, her elementary school and high school. It was very sweet to see where she used to hang out when she was a pint-sized Canuck.
We finished up at Cavendish Mall, home of many elderly Jewish people who squat at the food court nursing a cup of coffee for hours on end. I bought the Roots store out of
T-shirts, and I also got a little silver star of David I now wear next to my St. Christopher's medal on a chain around my neck. Hey, may as well hedge my bets.
Aviva gave me a two inch thick wad of Canadian Tire money in a red Roots wallet. We went there and I converted it into a Bare Naked Ladies CD.
We went home and rested, then dressed for dinner. She wore a black skirt and a white, lacy sweater. As we exited the taxi, several drivers eyed her and ran their cars into light poles. A horse attached to a carriage reared up and whinnied at the sight of her. Pedestrians ran into mailboxes and stepped in puddles. I was puffed up like an adder walking next to her.
We ate at an elegant French seafood place called la Meree. The service was tuxedoed, very French and impeccable. I asked about dessert and the waiter said, "Non, first you have zee cheese plate." I said, "Cheese plate?" He said "Oui, a leetle camembert, some brie, a leetle port salut, some muenster, some sweeze." So we had cheese after our stupendous Caesar salad por deux, grilled halibut and some kind of lobstery thing.
Singing star Bono was at the next table, in a foul humor.
Diabetes be damned, I had a glass of port after dinner and we were drunker than Cooter Brown leaving the place. International relations improved and several bilateral agreements were firmed up afterwards.
Sunday night. Ahhh. Dinner at home. Aviva made the best lasagne on Earth. We shared a bottle of Puligny Montrachet. Cue camera to waves crashing on beach, with fireworks.
Monday morning. Yeecch. Parting was such sweet sorrow.
I just love that girl.

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