Monday, November 11, 2002

Canadia Revisited: Part One

I love Montreal.
Aviva and I had the most wonderful time together, except we suck at good-byes.
Thursday night we drove home through some slushy snow to watch Survivor together.
The outcome was disappointing and ruined my 100% average. But I really didn't care.
Friday morning we lolled around, then took a taxi downtown, where we trudged around a million cool shops and split a smoked meat sandwich at this multi level restauranteria.
Smoked meat is some kind of Montreal tradition. It's kind of like pastrami, served on rye with mustard. It's good.
Then we hit the casino.
I promptly lost $40 in loonies. Then Aviva started playing a quarter slot machine and won $55. She gave me the money and we left. I like that in a gambling companion.

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