Sunday, November 17, 2002


Last night I saw the Salma Hyeck movie "Frida," about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It was absolutely stunning.
From the many books I've read about Kahlo and from a historical perspective, this movie was right on target.
Salma Hyeck is so sexy my eyes rolled back in my head. The tango scene with Salma and Ashley Judd would turn even the staunchest straight girl into a lesbian.
The story between Frida and Diego Rivera was complicated and very aptly illustrated the thin line between love and hate, and the pain two people who love each other can cause.
His oafish charm and her intensity and beauty reminded me of my own relationship in some ways, except I am not a bad ass cheater like he was.
The Mexican history and cultural aspects of the movie were totally authentic.
Go see it. Talk about it. Even the soundtrack was good.

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