Saturday, November 16, 2002

What Unmitigated Gall

I read this quote from a UP article about the recent Hebron situation.

"In the Gaza Strip, hundreds of Islamic Jihad supporters rallied in celebration. Abdullah Shami, a leader of the group, said "there is no room to give up or to surrender to this criminal Nazi enemy who seeks to exterminate Palestinians in collusion with America.''

Calling Jews Nazis just shows what assholes these Islamic "Jihad" clowns are.
If Abdullah Salami had even a nodding acquaintance with the Nazis and the Holocaust, he'd know to shut his ignorant falafel hole.
His comparison is beyond tasteless, it's hateful. His "leadership" role casts aspersions on every Palestinian, and doesn't do a lot for Islam, either.
I hate war, but this guy I'd shoot myself.

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