Wednesday, November 27, 2002

General Holiday Haiku

All this turkey talk
Makes me wanna eat a lot
Four ounces, white meat

I'll have pumpkin pie
Minus the crust and filling
No whipped cream, either

Eggnog with some rum
Consumed with great pleasure in
ER waiting room

High glucose Thursday
Maybe some ketones thrown in
Hey, where'd my feet go?

So sad this season
Nick Cage dumping Lisa P.
Wonder what happened?

No wine tomorrow
Good I'll not be with fam'ly
Driving me to drink

What's left to do Thurs.?
No big dinner, booze or sex
And I hate football

My cats look happy
Wonder if their food tastes good
I may try some soon

Aviva, damn her
Up there in cold Canada
And not here with me

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