Monday, November 18, 2002


I had a little trouble wrapping my brain around The Sopranos last night.
Too many creepy things happening.
That horse portrait Pauly had turned into a Napoleonic thing- that was just wrong.
Christopher's intervention, that I liked, especially the free-for-all ending.
I can't believe he sat on the dog and smothered it. If any stoned moron did that to one of my kitties, I'd have to smother him or her.
Why did Tony shtup that one legged Russian chick? What happened to that woman that he stole from Ralph? I would have liked to watch a little more of her writhing around.
Tony is on Prozac- how is he getting it up to be so damn promiscuous? I tried Prozac once and Michelle Pfeiffer herself couldn't have awakened the little dead man in the boat.
And Florio and Carmella, no no no! We just know she's gonna do him and we just know Tony's gonna find out and have him thrown into a wood chipper. If Carmella really has feelings for Florio, she needs to strap on a chastity belt and keep him off her. Besides, all he brought her from Italy was vinegar. What kind of seduction gift was that?
The show last night was written by someone on acid, I think.
It was kind of like the Sopranos, but it was wayyy off the usual mark.

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