Tuesday, November 12, 2002


Hmm... getting back to work is a trifle challenging today.
I have eight articles to write and maybe a dozen people to interview, but I had to catch up on my blog links and that takes time.
Two weeks into my brand new diabetes and I have to say it's not the most rewarding challenge I have faced in my life.
Aviva and I walked for at least a few hours every day, we ate pretty sensibly and my glucose levels are still averaging in the mid to high 100's, which sucks. Must have been the wine. Note to myself: find a diabetes/wine loophole.
Canada was good for reducing external stress. It was nice to be in a no war zone and not have to listen to a nonstop media barrage of Bush vs Iraq.
Canadians are a little formal but generally as sweet as lambs, and they don't like all this jingoistic aggression.
Aviva gave me a huge bag of Canadian chazarai (tschatzkes) and I bought another pile of stickers, magnets, decals, flag and patches. I have an Army fatigue jacket I plan to festoon with Canuck patches as my own little war protest garment.
When I told people in Montreal I was from Texas, they gave me sort of a smile/cringe.
I felt I had to quickly add that I was neither a Bush fan nor a war monger.
We have much to learn from our Canuck cousins.
For instance, their immigrants are far less Canadianized than we expect ours to be, and the natives just deal with the differences more peacefully.
They don't even honk their horns at idiots.

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