Saturday, November 16, 2002

Almost a Year Later

My first bloggoversary is November 30.
I reread some of my first blogs and it amused me to see how far I have and have not come. Like a raccoon, I seem to often take one step forward and two steps back.
The thing is, I am basically happy despite all my potential woes.
Something new this year are the friends I have made in this weird Blogging medium.
Joel Sax over at Emperor Norton did a little acknowledgment to his blog link writers and I think I'll do the same.
BarCodeKing. My first straight male bloglink and someone near to my heart because he is so different from anyone else in my life. He's cranky. He's politically somewhere to the right of Spiro Agnew. He argues with me. He doesn't care about shoes. He can be hilarious when he wants to be.
Shelley at Cynical Life. She's just the sweetest Jewish Yankee girl and she gives great comments. She is chicken soup in girl form.
Decaf Venti Shari. She writes delicate little hors d'oeuvre blogs. She's gentle and fun.
GreyBird. I love the Bird and our friendship extends past this medium. She's mature beyond her years and a great confidant. Plus she does all my tech shit.
Hoopty. When I feel insane I read his blog and feel much better about myself. He's nuts.
Jaded Ju Jill. She's too intelligent for her own good. And she's real. And she's tough but it's a bluff.
Ordinary Morning Melly. She's my San Antonio connection. We talk all the time, late at night, solving nothing, laughing at everything. She's 23 going on 43. Brilliant.
Pax Nortana Joel. He's a sweet, vulnerable, gentle, open man.
Sal: A complaint. Another nice Jewish girl. Very smart, very kind.
Sicksider: Kimberley is the best writer in blogworld, bar none. Her intensity and brutal honesty send chills down my spine. She's got to publish a book, it's her destiny.
Smack the Weasel Robyn. Hilarious. A natural raconteur. Plus she's Jewish, and we all know what a Jew wannabe I am.
Spacemonk Mike. I love him like a brother. He's a pure soul, filled with light.
Techfluid Chari. Another phone pal. I wanna be her when I grow up.
Time for your Meds Tracy. Crazy bitch, she dragged most of us into the blog thing. She's charismatic, hilarious and with some strong editing, she could be a best selling writer!
Welcome to my life Kelly. She's a cupcake, a maniac, a brain, a wit and a cutie.
WKen. Wow. He's a womanizer, a teddy bear, a goofball and a brilliant guy, full of heart.
Thanks to all of you for making my life more interesting.

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