Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Blog Casserole™

I have tried to think of blog topics all day and I am totally blank. So I decided to just throw in some odds and ends and see what turns out.

• Work
Just as I completed all my assignments for the magazine, my client has decided she wants one more piece to fill a hole. I will refrain from making any references to
"a hole" because she's not an a-hole, per se, she just wants another article. So I am stuck here, awaiting a courier to bring me an envelope full of crap to make into an article.
• My coffeemaker
As I write this, my Braun coffeemaker is emitting the acrid scent of CLR cleanser. It was starting to brew coffee so slowly, by the time it was ready I had already had a Coke to get caffeined up. I love CLR. It stinks, but it certainly dissolves the hard water crud we have here in San Antonio.
• Dr. Phil
He has a new show. Today he's talking to and about fat kids. He's gentle with kids, which is a relief. I have seen him eat the faces off adults.
• The Goddess
I don't have to think much about how things are going. It feels great, and she's smart about keeping healthy boundaries. We are becoming really close friends first and the romantic attraction is just icing on the cake. She makes me laugh every single day.
• Movies
Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon have done a movie together, "The Banger Sisters," about old rock groupies. I wonder if it's my age that makes me want to see the movie, or are they really two hot old broads?
• James
He has this routine I just love. He crawls up on me when I am reading in bed. He lays down on my stomach and chest, then he kisses me on my chin, then I scratch his ears, cheeks and chin, then he starts purring and smiles. I am not kidding, the corners of his little cat mouth turn up.

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