Friday, September 06, 2002

Blog Salad™

• I'm glad Kelly Clarkson won the American Idol contest. She's a great singer and she seems sweet in a small town Texas way. I hope she doesn't turn into Anna Nicole Smith.
Justin or Jason, whoever that guy was with the Afro-dreads who came in second, will do okay. He's perfect for young girls, much like a Ken doll or Ricky Martin.

• I watched The Princess Bride last night. It was sort of like a non-animated Shrek, with the same kinds of snappy patter and quotable lines. Very cute. If I had a niece I'd get it for her.

• My movie watching kick has started to get out of hand.
I ordered Metropolis, based on a suggestion from Artemis, then I threw in the movie Selena, just because watching JLo's butt is something I think akin to keeping Band-Aids around the house. That, plus my friend Cynthia has a butt not unlike JLo's, and she's not always able to be around.

• Madonna is rumored to be pregnant again. Damn, she is fertile.
The movie she just did, "Swept Away" was a remake of the 1975 Lina Wertmüller classic. The premise is this rich bitch Rafaella is aboard a yacht, just humiliating the hell out of a deckhand named Genarrino. Then they get marooned on an island and she becomes dependent on him for survival. The original starred Giancarlo Giannini and was absolutely terrific, so Madonna has her work cut out for her. I think she'll have the rich bitch role down pat.

• It turns out the murder of Tupac Shakur was commissioned by Notorious B.I.G., who was killed a year after Tupac. Great career moves for both artistes, if you ax me.

• Comedian Louie Anderson recently got a guy busted who tried to hustle him for 200k. The guy, claiming Louie propositioned him for sex, first accepted 100k in hush money, then tried to double down. Who cares if Louie Anderson tried to buy sex from an adult male? That's news?

• Cody Gifford, demon spawn of Frank and Kathie Lee, recently sued and settled with the tabloid The National Examiner over stories they published about his bratty behavior. The kid's 10, he suing people and he's not a brat? Sounds like a brat to me.

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