Thursday, September 26, 2002

Survivor Scoop

To start out my Survivor update, let's dish some dirt, starting with the drunk dentist and the porn boy.
Now that we have learned the Dallas dental student and the Harry Hamlin lookalike-used car salesman have a spicy past, let's pause and have a moment of silence for Tanya, whose visceral aversity to seafood caused her to puke more than a locker room full of Dallas cheerleaders.
I was thinking that nerdy Clay would get the boot from the Geezer tribe, but no, it was between Old Salty Helen and pukey girl Tanya.
Tanya had on baggy cargo pants, yet as she dejectedly walked toward Jeff Probst to get her torch snuffed, I saw a definite, gigantic camel toe. What a way to say good-bye.
The Geezer tribe is now two down. The no brains and all brawn team is leading.
Penny, the Plano blonde is actually very pretty. She's now the prettiest one on the show after poor Tanya puked her way out.
Must be something in the water that makes Dallas girls so damn pretty.

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